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In Paris, it's a well-known fact that everyone wears a bag to go out on the streets: a purse or a clutch bag, a small handbag or one worn on the shoulder, a large format bag with a lining and compartments, a zipped companion, a fashion accessory, a coat of arms with a shoulder strap, sling, strap or handle... an exclusive and trendy bag as much as an iconic one...

Under the Paris sky

PÖ&ME creates fashionable, timeless designs for women who are looking for :

  • ~ a bag to store their belongings: the essentials, the personal, what you always want to have with you
  • ~ a bag that says who I am
  • ~ a bag that makes me sparkle with the light of day
  • ~ a bag that opens onto my dreams.

PÖ&ME is the result of a tradition of leather craftsmanship and several journeys. The first, which took our parents from China to France, lasted a few hours in the sky... and a few years in the City of Light. The second slowly matured on the banks of the Seine, then hatched in a matter of hours. There is a real reason for all this, and a real secret: our project and its link with d'ici d'abord les poèmes were born of this secret.

Because at PÖ&ME we believe that poetry has to do with reality, and for us, the makers of manufactured handbags, with what each life itself carries... and transmits. For the woman who chooses it, her bag will never be just a bag but an extension of herself, a weight on her shoulder, an enchantment on her arm, a companion in the crook of your elbow, a friend in your hand... a rhyme in your step.

So christening each of our models with a name taken from a poem - a title or an extract from a line - is an invitation to look beyond, to look deeply or... far away. An opening onto the horizon beyond us, an inner line echoing the line outside, a whispered vow to reveal yourself to yourself, to turn appearance into transparency. No woman dresses just to look - but to be.

In the nineteenth century, Holderlin, in adorable Blue, had the intuition that "Man inhabits the world poetically". The 21st century has already begun. What if we finally recognised that "Women poetically inhabit the City"?