Boutique Po&me

The Brand

The story of "PÖ&ME" is an epic of passion and creativity, where tradition and modernity blend harmoniously. Julie, a chevronized craftsman, nourished the dream of creating her leather brand, combining leather love, elegance and attention to detail. In 2017, his son Mickaël joined her to give life to "PÖ&ME".

"PÖ&ME" has quickly gained a reputation for excellence in leatherwork, favoring meticulousness and quality. Each bag has been meticulously designed with top quality materials, traditional craftsmanship techniques and a careful selection of leather.

Year after year, "PÖ&ME" presented new collections, inspired by a modern and connected urban clientele. Their bags combined style, functionality and sophistication, bearing names from poems, adding an artistic dimension to their function.

Today, "PÖ&ME" is a renowned brand, merging poetry and elegance. Julie and Mickaël made their dream come true by establishing a prosperous company that embodies the essence of French know-how in leather goods, testifying to the shared passion between a mother and her son.

The Corner

The first boutique PÖ&ME has just opened its doors, at 19 rue des Gravilliers in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, in the heart of the Marais that mixes Art-et-Métiers.

Come and see each model in real. But also try, put on the shoulder, carry and ... carry whoever you like.

Come and meet us. And discover our collection.

Boutique Po&me

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